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About Me

My name is Tom Stimson and I have spent over thirty-five years in the professional Audiovisual and Live Events Industry. About one-third of my career has been spent advising business owners on how to grow, increase, profit, and enjoy success intentionally. For an industry that comprises many accidental entrepreneurs, Intentional Success seems like an apropos name for my weekly newsletter and now our shared community platform.

Audiences are a big part of my life. I grew up doing drama and even majored in Theater in college and subsequently worked in a busy Fine Arts venue as a flyman/rigger where we hosted concerts, touring shows, conferences, and expos. I even installed and maintained permanent exhibits. Eventually I discovered professional audiovisual work, corporate meetings, and industrial shows. 

This all eventually led me to business consulting to the Pro-AV and Live Events industries. I have helped hundreds of Production, Integration, Distribution, and Manufacturing companies since 2006, but right now tens of thousands need good advice to get them through what can inadequately be described as challenging times. 

You can learn more about me at my website

About You

You are probably a lot like me. Most of us came to this industry accidentally and fell in love with it. Now, that our traditional ways of doing business are temporarily ineffective, you are probably trying to figure out how to keep your company alive, hang on to your career, or make a clean start. 

What we all have in common is our love of technology and creativity to deliver messages and enhance communication. 

Why You Should Join Me

When I wake up every morning, I think about your business. Honestly, I do. How will you survive? What will it take to stabilize your world? How quickly can you thrive again? 

Then I will write some content, record a video, build a webinar - for you. Because if I can picture who I am talking to, I can deliver what you need to hear. 

Intentional Success Network give me the opportunity to get closer to my audience especially during an era when we cannot do so in person. On this forum, I can be a little (more) unfiltered, more spontaneous, and timely with my advice as we wade through the tasks of rebuilding our businesses. 

You will hear it from me here, first.

As you hover your cursor over the Join button, know this: hundreds of people just like you are waiting on the other side. All of us together want the same thing. Better businesses, better careers, better lives, and a damn good show. 

A Big Thanks

You made this possible. I never imagined that I would have the responsibility to teach business best practices to an industry. Your faith, feedback, and encouragement keep me going. Welcome aboard.